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Centers for Environmental Education and Information

The Centers for Environmental Education and Information constitute a unique reference point for raising awareness and educating about the environment and sustainable development within the Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

They serve as a reference for the public, schools, educational agencies, local authorities, and businesses wishing to engage with sustainability issues. Three “physical” Environmental Education Centers (EECs) are planned within the reference marine protected areas (Egadi, Ustica, Gozo), along with a transboundary environmental information center between the marine protected areas, consisting of a web platform that will interface with all stakeholders interested in the proper management of MPAs.


Environmental Education Center


Environmental Education Center


Environmental Education Center


Transboundary Information Center

Environmental Education Center FAVIGNANA

On the island of Favignana, an Environmental Education Center managed by the “Egadi Islands” Marine Protected Area will be activated. The EEC promotes environmental education and awareness programs with the assistance of specialized personnel within the MPA and external professionals. The EEC also houses the Documentary Center of the Marine Protected Area, where texts and publications related to the environment and conservation can be consulted.

Environmental Education Center USTICA

On the island of Ustica, an Environmental Education Center managed by the Marine Protected Area will be activated. The EECs created will remain the property and under the management of the Managing Bodies of the MPAs and will be used by them to replicate environmental awareness campaigns in subsequent years.

Environmental Education Center GOZO

On the island of Gozo, an Environmental Education Center will be activated. The EEC serves as a support structure for environmental education activities. Through educational workshops and the documentary center, it functions as a territorial educational resource and promotes the development of a different culture of the environment and territory.

Transboundary Environmental Information Center

The center will be implemented through the creation of a web-based collaborative and open-source platform, a portal dedicated to the MPAs aiming to facilitate the adaptation of MPAs to regulations. It fosters interaction and the exchange of knowledge and experiences among various stakeholders involved in the proper management of MPAs. It is designed to provide advanced informational support for MPA services, catering to the heterogeneity of the involved parties and their extensive territorial locations. The goal is to promote and support the competitive strengthening of the MPA’s productive chain. The platform consists of two sections, one dedicated to professionals and another to MPA users (citizens, tourists, businesses in the chain, stakeholders).